Zora’s Realm - Princess Ruto cosplay by 2Dismine


fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black


The Long-tailed Widowbird:

The Long-tailed Widowbird is found in Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia. 

The first time I saw this bird was in book when I was a little girl.  We had to create a project and I instantly fell in love with this beauty.  I first witnessed it with my own eyes a little later riding in a packed minicab with my mother traveling from South Africa to Lesotho to attend a funeral in our village. One flew alongside us as though chaperoning us to the pain and heavy freedom of a family burial.  Squashed in between tired mine-workers, city dwellers going home, I fell in love. It’s my favourite bird. 

I admit I forgot it was Earth Day today until I came across Dynamic Africa's posts on my Dashboard.  Everyday is Earth Day for us Africans I believe.  Nonetheless, seeing all that natural beauty reminded me of my favourite animals, birds, insects from home.

 Photos from various sources. No copyright infringement intended.

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Twilight Princess Link’s attack noises


I don’t know whether to piss myself in fear or be wildly turned on

probably the latter


Ruto, Sheik, and Darunia - Hyrule Warriors


honestly my favorite thing ive ever made in photoshop is catloaf


my graphic arts teacher hung it on the wall in the ga computer lab




hearin a really shitty pun

makin a really shitty pun

Meet the blogger



  • Name: Amanda
  • Eye color: poopoo
  • Hair style/color: short brown
  • Height: 5’3?? I think
  • Clothing style: t-shirt and cargos on a normal day, earthy colors and flowy fairy clothes on special days
  • Best physical feature: my legs


  • Your fears: Veins, being chased, being trapped, water slides (I honestly do not know why)
  • Your guilty pleasure: I have no idea
  • Ambitions for the future: get my name in the credits of a dreamworks/pixar movie


  • Your first thoughts waking up: *indecipherable whining*
  • What you think about most: fictional characters, mine or otherwise
  • What you think about before bed: also fictional characters, but this time mostly my own


  • Single or group dates: neither if I’m involved
  • To be loved or respected: that’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with respected
  • Beauty or brains: brains
  • Dogs or cats: cats
  • Lie: yeah
  • Believe in yourself: not really
  • Believe in love: not really. not permanent love at least. it always dies
  • Want someone: no


  • Been on stage: yes
  • Done drugs: nope
  • Changed who you were to fit in: nope


  • Favorite color: red in general, green on clothes
  • Favorite animal: pandas and birds are tied
  • Favorite movie: HTTYD
  • Favorite show: Red vs Blue
  • Favorite book: The Hobbit
  • Day your next birthday will be: Friday
  • How old will you be: 20
  • Does age matter: I don’t know


I like how genuinely terrifying this show can be.


Someone needs to talk about Grif with me.

And how his mother ran away and how another parent is never mentioned and how Grif supported himself and his little sister for who knows how long.

And how Grif is uber protective of his sister not just because of some big brother thing but because she’s either barely a legal adult or a minor and she has sex with people significantly older than her.

Can we talk about how Grif got drafted while he had a dependent in high school and how he tried his absolute hardest to get kicked out so he could go home

Can we talk about his inability to hold grudges against people and how Tucker ran him over with a tank but he never brought it up again. Or how at his core he trusts his teammates to have his back even with how many times hes been shot and threatened and generally smacked around.

How about the fact that he became a sergeant over Simmons despite his professed apathy. How about the fact that his friendship with Simmons is so strong and important and well-worn and that they are so attached at the hip that they were going to be executed together despite the fact that Grif was the only one that did anything wrong.

Can we talk about the fact that Grif has survived some of the most devastating and ridiculous injuries in the show and that he has apparently survived solely because of luck and his own hearty constitution

Talk to me about how he went over the edge at the end of season 8 and purposefully made his scream get fainter and taper off like he was actually falling when he was dangling a few feet below the edge. He’s such an asshole

And can we talk about how he jumped on the meta’s back (a fucking huge growly former-freelancer) and stole his huge ass gun knife off his back? Or how he ran down Wash through a wall?

How about how he can pilot pretty much anything an is good enough at it that the others immediately and silently decide hes the most obvious option to fly a stolen Pelican to the battle

How about how he probably still has the speed unit installed. I wanna see where that goes.

And how he’s so unaggressive and lazy that Omega can’t budge him into any kind of aggression besides an aggressive nap

Tell me about his new squad and the fact that hes training them for extraction and stealth and being clever

Please, please talk to me about Minor Junior Private Dexter Grif, Negative First Class




perks of a joel heyman:

  • he will interrupt you to tell a story
  • he will not get to the end of the story
  • he may not get to the end of a full sentence

and let’s not forget

  • he’ll start a story and then suddenly refuse to finish it
  • on an exasperated rant his voice will gradually pitch higher
  • Caboose Mode can kick in at any moment

first-of-the-time-lords said:

I really love your art! If you’re still doing the character drawing thing could you draw Washington in 2?

oops i somehow ended up drawing hipster trash wash again wow how did that happen


I really love your art! If you’re still doing the character drawing thing could you draw Washington in 2?
oops i somehow ended up drawing hipster trash wash again wow how did that happen




My friends are so fucking strange

I like him. Keep him.

I’m actually dating him

I’m laiughing so hard I use photos of myself as reference in drawings and I went to close one I had open in a separate file and I just